OSCAR Supervisor – Maternity Leave

OSCAR Supervisor Job Description – Maternity Leave position

Part 1: Summary 

Position: OSCAR Supervisor

Hours: 25 hours per week, Monday to Friday during After School and Holiday Programmes + additional hours if negotiated with Manager

Hourly rate: $26.00

Type: Fixed term maternity leave position starting 3 April 2023 and ending 20 April 2024

Part 2: Relationships 

Responsible to: WDP Manager 

Direct reports:

OSCAR programme assistants

Youth Volunteers

Works with: 

In partnership with Morning OSCAR Supervisor

OSCAR programme children and their families/whānau.

Staff at Te Waka Unua School

Family Support Worker

Staff at outside venues such as Chipmunks Playland, Willowbank, Inflatable World, Caddyshack City, Hollywood Cinemas and any other venues our programmes visit during school holidays or during after school programmes

Part 3: Vision, Mission & Principles 

WDP’s Vision: A community where people are happy, safe and resourceful.

WDP’s Mission Statement: Developing the potential of local families/ whanau – children, youth and women- across generations.

Alignment with the above mission and vision: 

Developing the potential of local families & whānau through supporting families/whānau by providing a safe place for their children/tamariki to be while parents/caregivers are at work or study. 

Part 4: Responsibilities & Duties:

Key Responsibilities

Supervising Woolston Development Project’s OSCAR programmes:

  • Holiday Programmes: 12.30 – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, last two weeks of January, two weeks in each of April, July and October school holidays. 
  • After School Programmes, 3 – 5.30pm plus set up time & other relevant tasks
  • Supervising OSCAR Programme Assistants and Youth Volunteers. 

Planning and implementing activities on each programme

Working in partnership with the other OSCAR supervisor

Liaising and networking with parents/caregivers

Monitoring health & safety of programme and premises and managing risks to children’s health/wellbeing.

Managing children’s behaviour. 

Part 5:  Skills/experience 

  • Enjoys working with children. 
  • Excellent professional boundaries and a strong understanding of Child Safety issues and how to protect children from harm. 
  • Understanding of and knowledge of appropriate behaviour around children and role modelling of such.
  • Computer & report writing skills
  • Good team player – positive, encouraging and able to provide positive feedback.
  • Great practical skills