Newsletter 16 February 2022

Kia ora Woolston Development Project whānau!

We have stepped into another busy year, complicated by COVID-19.

Installation of the new play equipment is underway. Unfortunately the higher than average rainfall than usual for February has meant that we have to wait for the ground to dry out in order for the play equipment installation to be completed. The concrete footings have been installed, and the equipment is partly assembled. Thank you so much to the volunteers and Roy Leaning of N&R Concrete. Once it is complete, we will have a wonderful new backyard space for children to play in and adults to enjoy socialising in.

Our People
We were sad to find out about the passing away of Tyler, 19 year old son of board member Rachel last week. Tyler began as an after school programme child on the LOST (Linwood Avenue School OSCAR programme) programme as a five year old. and came through to the Woolston programme when LOST closed down. After that, he was a youth volunteer on the programme. Most of our staff members had worked with Tyler over the years and Rachel has served on our board for several years. It is at times like these we remember that WDP is a family which cares for its members.

Youth Volunteer Programme
We are looking for some more youth volunteers on our OSCAR programmes as several of our recent youth volunteers have left school and have moved off into other activities. You can find out more details at:

January Holiday Programme
This was a great programme – it went really smoothly and our staff team worked really well together.

Just a reminder to parents/caregivers: please don’t send food the children will need to heat up or refrigerate. This is especially important on trip days, but even on base days it is a bit too much to expect us to heat up your child’s lunch.

We appreciated the cooperation of parents/caregivers when the COVID-19 traffic light system went to Red. Most of our tamariki were, if not exactly happy, cooperative in mask wearing and only had to be reminded occasionally. We understand that mask wearing isn’t idea – none of us enjoys it!

Some OSCAR enrolment forms are now very old so we are asking all families/whānau to update their details. Forms are next to the sign out list next to the entrance.

Women’s Group
The Women’s Group have a wide range of activities planned for term 1, COVID-19 permitting. Make sure you let Carol or Catherine know that you are coming by the Monday prior to the event. Generally the Women’s group meets at 9.45am on Wednesdays during term time although if they are going further afield they may gather a little earlier. You can simply leave a message on our voicemail or email our office mobile.

Walking Group
If you are keen to walk with this group, let Gaylene know. They are often meeting up off site and going on walks away from base. They meet on Thursday mornings during term time.

Ngā mihi nui,
Eddie Hayes