Top Team

Our Top Team equipment is ideal for running team building, team development and/or general fun days. we offer a variety of equipment that will cater to most needs and provide ideas and instructions for the activities that can be run.

Community organisations/Schools/Churches

Cost – Please note that these are soon to change

A $100 bond is required to confirm booking, and balance will be refunded on punctual return of all equipment in good working order. All equipment and subsequent costs will be itemised for repair or late return.

1 activity (for the day) $26.45
2 activities ” $52.90
3 activities ” $79.35
4 activities ” $105.80
5 activities ” $132.25
6 activities ” $158.70

***To hire out all of the equipment as a package is $195.50 (including GST).

Individual/Private Bookings

If it is an event that is not free of charge (including fund-raising), a charge of $253.00 per day (GST inclusive) will be effective.  If a free event, charges will be as per community organisations