DEPO cares for animals too! During Term Two the DEPO a programme supporting 10 – 13 year olds, looked at how they could best meet the health and wellbeing of themselves, their families and their pets. PetWorld, the local pet shop on the cnr of Smith St and Ferry Rd, heard about the DEPO’s planned visit to Dogwatch with donations of dog food and very generously donated more food and pet accessories for the children to give to Dogwatch. Thank you so much, PetWorld for supporting the efforts the DEPO is making to have a positive impact on their community. In addition, during Term Two the DEPO also made muffins and took them to a number of homeless people and they learnt to use sewing machines to make wheat bags, one for themselves and one to gift to someone else. They have also assisted with the packing of food parcels at the Linwood Ave Community Corner Trust. The support of local organisations is so much appreciated, in providing opportunities for the DEPO young people to become more aware of social issues affecting our community.

By wdp2016

The Woolston Development Project is a non-profit community organisation which provides recreation programmes for children and women and families.

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